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Interfaith Seder at SHAPE

On April 5th, the SHAPE International Chapel was host to an interfaith Seder. The event was led by student rabbi Andrés Mosquera as part of activities of Shomrei Shalom - Keepers of Peace, SHAPE's 70-year-old Jewish Community affiliated with the International Jewish Centre in Brussels. The event was supported by all the faith chaplains and LT Adolfo Parente. Chaplains, religious leaders, and members of SHAPE attended this two-part event.

Photo:Student rabbi Andres Mosquera with a young participant

The first part followed the seder (order) of the fifteen steps of the Pesach Seder, with all its blessings. The second part was dedicated to the collective reading of Israel's Exodus from Egypt. The event was very cheerful with the participation of children who had the opportunity to play, draw and, most importantly, search for the hidden afikomen which they quickly found.

This event is one more activity that shows how SHAPE is a perfect platform to learn from each other and share the fundamental values of humanity that all religions treasure.



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