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From Seeds to Sunflowers: Nurturing IJC's Volunteer Spirit

By Golan Tsdaff --- Stepping into my role at IJC, I was immediately struck by the sheer volume and richness of our events and activities. From inspiring Shabbat services to cultural excursions, from heart-warming potlucks to educational workshops, there seemed to be something for everyone. Yet, we operate with a relatively limited budget. So, how does the magic happen?

The answer lies in a single, incredibly powerful word: volunteers.

Without the dedication of our amazing members, IJC wouldn't be the vibrant community it is today. In the kitchen, Sarah (see photo) and Klio whip up delicious treats that nourish our bodies and spirits. Innovative and playful, Nada and Jonathan captivate our young ones with their exciting content. Mikael, Sarah W, and Andres form the backbone of our RAC, ensuring timeless traditions. Leslie, Anneke, and Pamela poured their hearts into organizing our unforgettable 20th-anniversary. Imke takes us on enriching excursions, and Veronika represents us with WUPJ while offering invaluable assistance with administration.

And the dedication doesn't stop there. The Giur class takes care of Kiddush and so much more. Diana and Danielle keep us informed and connected through their tireless communication efforts. Our dedicated board, Michelle, Gilda, Peter, and Maria, with Steven offering his unwavering support, steer the ship with passion and vision. Maria tirelessly manages our finances as treasurer, ensuring our organization remains on solid ground. Anu, our president, and Bill, her right-hand man, lead IJC towards a bright future. 

Let's not forget the quiet heroes: the anonymous donors who ensure everyone can participate in special events, regardless of financial limitations; those who contribute quietly, always there to lend a helping hand; and the one whose name I might have missed, your dedication is truly appreciated.

Finally, a heartfelt thank you to our wonderful Rabbi, who has been a constant source of support and inspiration, believing in me as the new IJC admin, and in the power of this community.

This is just a snapshot of the incredible network of volunteers that keeps IJC beating. Next time we join an event, let's remember the heroes behind the scenes, the ones who make it all possible.

These contributions inspire us beyond measure.

Golan is IJC's Administrator



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