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Purim Shenanigans at HIAS!

This year's Purim celebration wasn't just about the Megillah reading (though there was plenty of grogger-shaking involved!). We teamed up with our amazing partners at HIAS for a night of laughter, learning, and enough hamantaschen to make your taste buds sing.

Swapping our usual digs for the HIAS office was a delightful change of scenery. Not only did it give our Purim party a fresh vibe, but it also allowed us to express our gratitude to Pascale, the superstar project manager from HIAS who went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. As Pascale put it, "it was a pleasure to host IJC and continue my own learning journey about Purim! The evening was a joyful reminder of our Jewish identity, even in these uncertain times. Plus, who can resist those delicious hamantaschen?"

The Megillah reading was a riot, with everyone enthusiastically joining the chorus of noise whenever that pesky Hamman reared his head. The eating wasn't just about the hamantaschen! Our snack table groaned under the weight of delicious finger foods, and the drinks flowed like wine! Hila and Sarah, newcomers to our community, even brought a homemade, herb-infused gin that stole the show.

The night truly shone thanks to the incredible spirit of our community. Maria's kindness in helping Helen get to the venue, and the way a bunch of us rallied to help Helen navigate the stairs, were heartwarming displays of inclusivity. It perfectly captured the essence of Purim – a joyous celebration where everyone comes together. And as our new friends Hila and Sarah said, "we got to know a wonderfully embracing and welcoming group of people, and left with a smile from hamantaschen to hamantaschen"! This Purim at HIAS was a celebration of friendship and community.




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