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About Us

The IJC welcomes all Jews regardless of their origins, as well as interfaith families, traditional and non-traditional families, to celebrate together our Jewish faith and heritage.

Come celebrate Shabbat and the holidays. For children, we offer a vibrant Hebrew school. For young professionals, there’s a social group. For potential converts, join our conversion class. For all, we provide a caring home.

Back in 2003 a group of six Jewish families launched Belgium’s first English-speaking Liberal Jewish community. Since then, the IJC has expanded into a thriving and active community of more than 100 dedicated members.

Brussels is a multicultural and international city. About half our members were born in Belgium and the other half are from all over the world, from Sweden to Argentina, posted or settled permanently in the capital of the European Union.

New members are welcome. The IJC supports LGBT members and gender equality. We are vibrant and growing. Our common foundation is the English language and a belief in a liberal interpretation of Judaism, mixing tradition with modernity.

Meet our Board

Our Rabbi

The Religious Affairs Committee

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