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Lifecycle Events

Newborns: At IJC, every new birth is celebrated by a baby blessing/naming in our synagogue. We also recommend local mohalim who can perform circumcision (contact Rabbi Brian -

B’nai Mitzvah: Our B'nai Mitzvah preparation offers personal and classroom tutoring to ready each child for his or her special day, their transition into Jewish adulthood. 

Adults who have never celebrated their Bar/Bat Mitzvah are invited to explore options with the rabbi.

Marriage: Our rabbi is happy to meet with Jewish couples — both same-gender and different-gender — to discuss their wedding plans. Mixed-faith couples are also warmly invited to contact the rabbi to explore available options.

Bereavement: The IJC is also there for the sadder moments of life. The community gathers for memorial services and shiva prayers, to support families who have lost loved ones. 

IJC members who have recently lost a loved home at home or abroad should first contact Rabbi Brian by telephone (0472 97 71 74) or by email (

Giur - Conversion

‘Jews by Choice’ enrich the IJC. We welcome those who desire to become Jewish. While IJC recognizes descent from either a Jewish mother or father, some will wish to confirm their Jewish status. Others will embrace Judaism without Jewish ancestry.

Our intensive conversion programme runs eighteen months. Candidates are expected to attend Shabbat, High Holidays and Festival services, participate in adult education opportunities as well as attend conversion classes.  Our rabbi offers personal guidance and sponsors candidates to appear before the Beth Din, the ‘court of rabbis’ who confirm Jewish status and welcome new members into the People of Israel.

Entry into the conversion programme is at the rabbi’s discretion. It is preceded by an initial period (minimum six months) of introduction into the IJC. 

Contact Rabbi Brian for further information:

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