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Our Goal

The IJC Neighbours Coalition is committed to creating opportunities for dialogue and education as a contribution to the elimination of antisemitism, Islamophobia and other forms of hatred and discrimination. Each coalition partner approaches these issues from its own perspective(s) and is supported by the other partners to disseminate its shared goals in Belgium and the wider European context. The IJC Neighbours Coalition is focused on the Belgian context while welcoming support from organisations with similar goals working on a pan-European platform.


Upcoming Events


Online Workshop: Combating Online Hate

Sunday April 28 2024 / 10am - 12 noon

For registration click here

The Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD) is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to safeguarding human rights and reversing the rising tide of polarisation, extremism and disinformation worldwide.

Concept: This workshop leverages ISD's expertise in research, policy, and education to combat online antisemitism and Islamophobia. Drawing on diverse projects and research, this two-hour session engages multifaith civil society organizations (CSOs) on the post-October 7th online landscape. We'll facilitate discussion and coordinate intervention opportunities.

Co-ordinators: Hannah Rose is ISD's Hate & Extremism Analyst, researching online antisemitism and far-right extremism. PhD candidate (King's College London), focusing on contemporary antisemitism in the far right. Holds MA & BA degrees with distinction. Trustee of the Union of Jewish Students (UK & Ireland). Nathalie Rücker is ISD Germany's Senior Manager, Capacity Building & Civic Action. Leads projects like the Business Council for Democracy & the Pan European Coalition against Online Antisemitism. Experienced in peacebuilding research, conflict prevention, and human rights education. Holds MA & BA degrees and is a trained conflict mediator.

In person workshop: Jewish-Muslim Allyship – a Question Mark for a Larger Society

Sunday May 26 2024 / 11am - 5pm 

Jews and Muslims remain the two religious minorities in the European context who repeatedly find themselves in the focus of political and social attention. Both communities are marked, it seems, as 'special problems' for society. They face discrimination and marginalisation due to Antisemitism and anti-Muslim racism. At the same time there is often an implicit assumption that both communities also have a 'special problem' with each other. There is a persistent idea that Muslims are especially prone to have antisemitic views and that Jews tend towards anti-Muslim positions, an idea that is often also instrumentalized by right wing populist forces in Europe. In this workshop we want to question and analyse all of these assumptions and views.

Coordinators: Nabila Abdel Aziz from ausARTen in Munich and Leyla Jagiella from the Jüdisch-Muslimische Kulturtage Heidelberg are two experts with years of experience in Muslim-Jewish community-and relationship work. They will share their insights and lead us through a constructive discussion on how a better analysis of the subject at hand can also help us to become better and more inclusive allies.



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