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Announcing Teaching Their Chapter

The IJC is partnering with the pan-European Bar and Bat Mitzvah teacher training program. It’s called Teaching Their Chapter.

The program will be taught online over 16 sessions lasting two hours each, to be concluded with an in-person few days, in Jerusalem. Students will come from all over Europe. The IJC former and much beloved Rabbi Nathan Alfred will teach - he has brought more than 200 students to Bar and Bat Mitzvah in the past two decades.

The teaching program is partnering with the National Library of Israel. They have kindly agreed to teach four of the course modules. In addition, they will encourage our students to use the Library’s resources available for Bar and Bat Mitzvah children, which you can review here.<>

At the end of the program, in August, the program will spend several days in Jerusalem and plan a dedicated day to explore the National Library. They hope to build on this relationship in the years to come - to share the amazing resources of the Library with lay leaders and students across Europe.

Applications will open in mid-February. Please spread the word. All interested please contact us for further information (<>).



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