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Cantillation and Connection

By Anneke Silverstein --- Standing at the bimah, yad in hand and chanting from the Torah is like stepping into the flow of Jewish history. Something special happens, and one feels the link through time to something ancient and true. Connecting the melody to the words of the Torah deepens our understanding of the text and gives us a true feeling of accomplishment.

Our five graduates (see photo) of the 2023 Cantillation Course 'Tricks of the Trope' showed an impressive commitment to studying the theory and practice of cantillation for six consecutive weeks. On March 25th, they chanted for the first time from the Torah, and leyned beautifully Parashat Terumah. I hope they will continue their journey of learning and leyning and deepen their knowledge of our amazing traditions.

Kol hakavod to Sarah Struglia, Sarah Aaronzohn, Vincent Decaestecker, Peter Goldfein and Althay Ramallo Fuentes for this big accomplishment!

If you too want to learn how to chant from the Torah, contact Anneke Silverstein at for individual or group lessons. We will be organizing this beginners’ course again and next year we will deepen our knowledge with a 'Tricks of the Trope Part II'.

Photo: The proud graduates with original artwork by America artist Joanne Fink. It features a quote inspired by a verse from Parashat Terumah that says: "May the gift you are inspired to share, enlarge the sacred space inside the mishkan of your heart."



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