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What a Dynamic Community!

At a recent Shabbat service, we had another packed house. We sang. We prayed. Afterwards, a member of our sister community came to Rabbi Brian and said, “Congratulations, Brian, on creating such a lively and dynamic community.”




Our community continues to grow and prosper. Rabbi Brian, our first-ever full-time rabbi, has masterminded this success. He leads invigorating, inspiring services. He welcomes our growing Conversion class. He spearheads our interfaith outreach, creating a “circle” that puts the IJC at the forefront of smoothing relations in Belgium between Jews, Muslims, and Christians. Under his leadership, our European Commission-sponsored “Neighbors” project is welcoming hundreds of non-Jewish students into the synagogue to confront anti-Jewish stereotypes. Thank you, Brian.


But the IJC is much more than the inspiration of a rabbi, as good and as talented as he is. It’s a pull-up-your-bootstraps mentality, symbolized by our volunteers. This month, I’d like to single out Danielle and Golan. 


Danielle has led many of our Zoom Friday night evening services. I attended the last version. It was wonderful. Danielle spiced up the service with original musical choices of familiar prayers.  More than a minyan attended and enjoyed it. What a nice way to launch Shabbat.


Golan is our IJC administrator. In that role, he has proved instrumental in turning an amateur organization into a professional one. He is passionate about bringing together our oldest and youngest members. On Sunday, March 10, thanks to his initiative, the IJC hosted a Wisdom & Melodies meeting. It aimed to create inter-generational connections. A guest musician led the event  We enjoyed music, prayers, talks, conversation, and, of course, this being the IJC, good food. 


Please also feel encouraged to come to Brian and me with ideas and suggestions. Volunteer. Offer to lead a service, an activity, or whatever initiative that can help drive our dynamic community in new and exciting directions. Next month, Imke is leading a trip to Breendonk Concentration Camp. Reserve by sending us an email. I look forward to seeing all of you soon, in the shul, or elsewhere - at an IJC event.

Anu Ristola

IJC President




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