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Our Hearts are Full...

Our recent Wisdom and Melodies event was a resounding success. After Effie welcomed us with her scrumptious pastries, everyone was inspired by Tali Gross (see photo below) who came from Amsterdam especially to share her music and personal story with us. Harriet perfectly captured the spirit of it: "Tali was inspiring and willing to share her journey and life experiences. I hope that I will have the opportunity to meet her again. I thoroughly enjoyed connecting with IJC family and friends again." 

During the break, Effie added a delightful twist with a refreshing gin and tonic, helped by her son, Alex. Effie recounts, "After Tali's soul soothing melodies, I was so happy to share with everyone a special present I've received, a magic potion of gin infused with Jerusalem sunset (really!). It made me so happy to be able to share this indulgence with my tribe and let our hearts sing louder Modeh Ani."

Sarah W., our fantastic master of ceremonies, kept the event flowing smoothly. Steven B. contributed with a story by the Yiddish writer Isaac Bashevis Singer entitled "A Tale of Three Wishes," reminding us that simply wishing without effort is pointless.

One of the most powerful moments of the evening was the small group discussions, where we delved into personal reflections on our heritage and legacy.  Special thanks also to Sarah S. and Klio for indulging us with delicious sandwiches and snacks after these thought-provoking sessions. Our beloved "kitchen moms" are taking a well-deserved break, so we need some helping hands in the kitchen to keep things running smoothly!

We'd also like to express our sincere thanks to Paideia, the institute for Jewish studies in Sweden, for their generous support of this event. This allows us to offer a variety of activities at IJC, catering to the different preferences of our members. Coming together to strengthen our bonds is especially meaningful given the challenging times we face, with the rise of antisemitism, and we are committed to hosting more events like this.  

Your contributions, big or small, make these events possible. Whether you can volunteer your time, share your talents, or offer financial support, every contribution makes a difference.

Lastly, we'd like to share Tali's words reflecting on this event: "Being invited to share my music and story at IJC was an experience that filled me with honor and gratitude. I felt the warmth and beauty of your community enveloping me. Hearing reactions and stories from the audience felt like weaving together the tapestry of our collective Jewish identity. The experience of praying intentionally together, of actively working to bring goodness to the world, and of contributing to a stronger feeling of connectedness with the divine, our community, and our entire Jewish people, felt like a profound privilege."

Golan, IJC Administrator



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