Shaya Feldman, Hebrew School Teacher and Musician

One of our Hebrew school teachers, Shaya Feldman, is a professional musician. His group Zvov will be performing at the Temple Gallery at Joris Visser and Lisa Kelmen’s house on Sunday 12 March – and you are welcome!



Zvov is an international string trio. Instrumentally, it is the 'lower' version of the traditional classical string trio. Instead of violin, viola and cello, they play viola, cello and double-bass. Shaya plays the double-bass. The other members are Maya Felixbrodt (Israel/Netherlands) on viola and the cellist Clara Riviere (Spain/Netherlands).  Says Shaya: “The name Zvov was inspired by the Hebrew word Zvuv which means, mosquito. We really liked the sound of the word which is similar to the sound of a mosquito!  The group was officially created 18 months ago, but we have collaborated for longer on various others projects. “

The trio works to create an original repertoire of contemporary music and interdisciplinary art. Their performances combine various genres, improvisation, movement, voice and comedic elements.  Most performances explore the possibilities of space in new interactive ways, creating a strong connection with the audience and the performance venue. 

Shaya adds: “Performing in the Temple Gallery will be something very special for me. It was at theTu Bishvat seder there last year that I first met the amazing IJC community. From the moment I entered that unique place I dreamed one day of performing there. Today, as an IJC Hebrew School teacher, I feel like I'm closing a circle. I would be extremely happy to see members of the IJC at this special event. I want to thank Joris Visser and Lisa Kelman for hosting us.”

March 12 at 18.30 and 20.00h

Please contact Shaya Feldman for the location.

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