The Denan Project


At a recent Shabbat I talked to the congregation about my Bar Mitzvah project. I am trying to raise money for a charity called The Denan Project, which is a non-profit organization that helps extremely poor and isolated communities around the world.



Right now in Ethiopia there is a terrible drought, which some people think is the worst in 20 years. In the community of Denan there has been no rain since last spring. Crops can’t grow, animals can’t eat and babies can’t get enough milk.  As a result many people are malnourished and sick. The Denan Project is helping them by bringing in emergency food, medicines and a water supply, and I want to help The Denan Project. 

The organization is important to me because both my Mom and Grandpa work with The Denan Project and are on the Board. One of the things that's great about it is that 100% of all donations go to people in need. When I talked to the congregation about my Bar Mitzvah project this weekend I was really amazed at how many people pledged to donate, and I'm very thankful. Already we have raised about 1200 euros! If anyone else would like to help support The Denan Project I would be extremely grateful.  You can contact my mom at or go directly to the website at  

Thank you again for all your support.

Gabriel Cohen (Bar Mitzvah Class 5777)